Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lead blogger for this week is...

No one! You may write about what you wish.

Let me suggest some possible food for blogger thought for those who may not know what to write about.

If you are not following the situation in Greece, it is something that you might consider paying attention to.

Syriza, a left-wing party, has just taken power. There is a sizable Marxist influence on their brand of politics, which has led to perhaps the only self-proclaimed Marxist finance minister in Europe, possibly the world. Yanis Varoufakis is, however, a very thoughtful and unorthodox Marxist, someone whose worldview fits very nicely in the eclectic mix of ideas we've been trying to create in the class.

Here's a couple of articles about him and Syriza to take a look at.
(This one is about a late professor of mine from graduate school)

Also, here's a link about a program recently funded at UA whose purpose is to reunite political philosophy and economics, much in the spirit of this course as well:

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