Friday, October 25, 2013

TBA readings 10.31

A quick note about paper 3: several people pointed out that I had the paper due a week earlier on the assignment than on the course schedule. Since the latter is our official calendar, let's go by it and have the paper due on the later date. The official schedule also has us doing peer editing again Thursday, and this will give us time to do another round of editing on this

In short: peer editing again this Thursday 10.31, paper 3 due Wednesday 11.6 at 12 pm.

For this coming Thursday, read this account of the recent kerfuffle surrounding revelations of spying on American allies.  Then check out this piece analyzing some of the implications of the story. 

Finally, check out this brief piece. It's very short, yet like the piece we read on socialism, it offers a broad based plan for a massive social change in very specific and precise terms.

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