Friday, March 15, 2013

Reminder on blog posts and TBA reading (still partially TBA).

Hi Folks,

For this week, let's get back on a tight schedule with our blog posts. If you would, post on your blogs by 2pm Wednesday, and then comment on two other blogs by Thursday's class (that way you will have read and thought about other people's ideas in time for our discussion).

We didn't get a chance to vote on an issue this week, so why don't we just do it this Tuesday? Think of some topics you might want to discuss. We'll keep the reading short so you'll have time to read and respond to it by Wednesday afternoon.

I'll update this post with whatever article we choose. In the mean time, also take a look at this article for next week. It is quite in the spirit of the course, in that it confuses some of the fundamental distinctions we use to think about politics.


Here's a bracketology article, and here is a quick history.

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