Tuesday, October 4, 2011

For our writing day this Friday.

Hey Folks,

Remember to complete the online course surveys on Moodle this week. This is your chance to give me input about the course so far and thereby to influence the remainder of our time together.

A few people have already completed the survey, and I quickly glanced at what is there so far. Some people have mentioned that they are having some difficulty with the economic terms. One thing that might help with that problem is the following link, which defines basic terms that may be unclear. Also, remember that at the end of the day, the economics we study is a means to an end. It is to help us analyze and understand public policy so that we can discuss the larger implications of it--the things that are important to everyone, not just economists. So if you find some subjects more difficult than others, don't worry; you won't be tested on them at any point. Just focus on what interests you and what you feel most comfortable discussing.

That said, I do want to clarify difficult concepts as much as possible so that you also leave class with the type of general knowledge that will help you understand news stories about the economy. Thus for Friday, please look up at least five terms you are having problems with and bring a question about something that is still unclear about the concept after reading the definition on the above website.

Please also read two Wikipedia articles about topics that confuse you, and bring at least one question to class regarding things that are still unclear after looking at those articles.

Also bring to class questions about the topics you are researching. If we have time, I want to work in small groups to help address these concerns.

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