Monday, September 19, 2011

TBA reading for 9.21

To give you a sense of the variety of opinions over why there is not a bigger response to the economic crisis, take a look at these two articles. In reality, the divide between members of the "dovish" camp we read about is often just as big as that between them and the hawks.


I just noticed this other Krugman article, which goes into detail on the question of inflation we have talked about: Could be helpful.

Update to the Update:

Ok, one more libertarian post just to balance out the liberal post. But this one is really funny, and with the Federal Reserve meeting coming up this week, it is very timely. Also, the Bernanke's nickname is "Helicopter Ben." This article explains a little bit about the notion behind that name:

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  1. With regards to the first article: very interesting. I think the author needs to remember in all likely hood that Hillary Clinton was probably appointed to Secretary of State as a party concession. At the time of her appointment, she was planning to run in 2012, which would have eliminated Obama's chance at winning a second term.
    With regards to the second article: seems a little vague.
    With regards to the third and fourth article: interesting points, but hard to prove.